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back with more of "today" on this monday morning, january 25th, 200106789 and back now with more of "today," that was barry manilow finishing up another set for us. it's a blustery day, however, outside in the heart of midtown manhattan and we've got more than a few dedicated fans toughing it out in rockefeller plaza, we're happy to have them there, we're here, i'm ann curry along with natalie morales in studio 1a. coming up, a strange twist in the saga of college student, amanda knox. she's in jail and now the man who prosecuted her, could be as
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well. could this be a break for amanda, who says she is innocent? details are coming up. and can you hear me now? you've heard that commercial many times, it used to be cell phones were a novelty. but now for more and more people they're a necessity. but with so many options from the touchscreens to keyboards, web browsing, text, data and yeah, phone calls. how do you choose the right one? we'll sort through them for you. >> sometimes they go with a specific carrier. you may have an opinion about which carrier you like. >> in fact, iphone may no longer have the deal with at&t. a lot of things are going to change around that. >> a little bit later on, we're going to have tips on saving your marriage with a shocking new developments we've been hearing about. in so many of the cases, including the tiger woods scandal, it seems like infidelity is everywhere, but if you think it could be putting your marriage in jeopardy, we've got tips this morning, strategies on how to confront the issue. but first a check of the top stories and natalie, you're in for me this morning. here you go.
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officials in lebanon think weather may have been a factor in the deadly plane crash this morning, an ethiopian airlines plane 737 with 90 people on board had just taken off when it crashed into flames in the mediterranean sea. search teams scouring the area have found debris from the plane, as well as bodies. the plane had been flying in stormy weather. lebanon's president does in the suspect terrorism. police in baghdad say three bombs exploded near hotels today, killing dozens of people. it was the first major attack in the iraqi capital since early december when coordinated car bombs claimed more than 100 lifrs. officials are meeting today in plaunl to consider how to coordinate long-term help for haiti. nbc's michelle could zinsky is in port-au-prince with more. >> reporter: heavy equipment now must move the rubble away. and hope of finding survivors
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has all but faded here. at the hotel montana, too, the legendary refuge from turmoil now shelters only the missing. includes six members of a team from lynn university in florida. some of their families visited here this weekend. including the parents of britney gengle. >> we are preparing ourselves for the worst. and praying for a miracle. >> reporter: a wrenching imbalance of hope, and pain. friends have been helping eric nimen search for his fiancée. >> no closure unless they can find a body. it's almost impossible to do anything. i've never seen anything like it before. >> reporter: the last known breathtaking rescue was saturday. it was this man here pulled from a convenience store. he says he survived 11 days drinking coca-cola and eating snacks. as those incredible survival stories fade, it's the day to day that everyone here will be a
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part of from now on. and each day food and water distribution continues. while it's expected that about a million people will leave the capital for the countryside. and it's mated that about a fifth of the number already has, for "today," michelle kosinski, nbc news, port-au-prince. today president obama announces steps aimed at helping the middle class. among them, a doubling of the child care tax credit. caps on student loan mamts and aid for families caring for elderly relatives. tragedy sunday in ohio, where three boys died after falling through thin ice on the sandusky river, they included 8-year-old and 9-year-old brothers and an 11-year-old. crews are trying to protect wildlife in port arthur, texas following a half-million gallon oil spill it happened when a tanker collided with another vessel. and you're up to date right now. four minutes past the hour. let's get another check of the weather. in for al, the the weather channel's stephanie abrams.
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>> thanks for that january is actually national blood donation month. right, about one in seven people entering a hospital need blood. and supplies are running low during the winter months. joining us now is rob purvis from the new york blood center. you can tell us how to help. first of all, why to blood supplies run low in the winter months. >> you hit the holiday months and people take off and people are taking about everything but donating blood. >> where can you donate blood? >> any of the donor centers in the new york area that we serve. hudson valley, regional long island. our blood drives are running every day. >> in this week in rock center. >> five days this week, extended hours, 9:00 to 6:00. >> is any of the blood going to haiti? >> it's not going directly to haiti, it's a constant replenishment. what we're doing this week, for every donation made, there >> good morning. it is going to be a windy and mild morning. wind gusts over 40 miles per
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hour. off and on rainshowers, and some of natalie, over to you. all right. thank you, stephanie. the brr who won a murder conviction against american college student, amanda knox, has thousand been convicted of abusing his office. could that have an impact on the knox case? nbc's stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. this is is a case of the prosecutor winded up being prosecuted himself, juliana mignini led the case, now he's
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been found guilty of abuse of office during a separate case. he's been sentenced to 16 months in jail for illegally tapping fines while investigating a serial killer in the late '90s. the verdict was repeatedly delayed while he argued the murder case against amanda knox. the prosecutor turned defendant was shocked by the conviction and says he will appeal. >> translator: i was only partially found guilty, the sentence is not consistent with the charges. >> reporter: for amanda knox's family, mignini's conviction is welcome news. >> i guess i felt vindicated, we've been saying all along that things were done incorrectly. >> reporter: knox and her parents insist she did not murder her roommate in what the prosecution described as a drug-fuelled sex game. and they accuse the police and mignini of miss handling the investigation. the student and her former boyfriend have already spent two years in an italian prison. both are appealing. >> she told us this morning she
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had a rough week where she was really down and really scared. but she picked herself back up and is studying and trying to stay positive. >> reporter: knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison, but faces even more time if she is found guilty of a separate charge of slander. during the murder trial, the 22-year-old accused police of mistreating her. an accusation the police deny. her parents face a similar charge for repeating the claims to a british newspaper. no court date has been set for either trial. in the italian legal system, even though mignini has been found guilty of abusing his office, he does not have to start serving his prison sentence and he can continue to work while the appeals process goes forward. it's something that amanda knox's mother tells us she simply does not understand. >> stephanie gosk, thanks so much. nbc's chief legal analyst, daniel abrams. this had been going on for quite a long time during the knox case, why is he so shocked at
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the verdict. >> a totally separate case, right? having nothing to do with the knox case. and his position would be, has nothing to do with it i'm going to appeal. there was no allegations of misconduct in this case. the problem is, this is a case that has been tried in the media. this is a very high-profile case, where everyone's reputation was at stake. and even if it doesn't have a technical impact on this case, it sure does provide ammunition to the family of amanda knox to say -- >> that's what they've said. it calls into question his credibility. and does this then solidify their case, if they want to go forward and really try to get an appeal? >> i don't know that it's going to help them sort of on a technical appeal. meaning in their legal papers, this isn't going to be one of their strongest arguments. but again, there's no such thing as a technical legal argument. meaning judges are human. diplomats are human. and i think that this is going to lead to more pressure. another argument for the knox family to make to say there was something wrong here, and we need to revisit it.
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will it actually have an impact? i'm not certain. >> we were just talking during the spot. i mean just the italian legal system overall, i mean, it's so confusing to try to understand when the jury wasn't even sequestered during the knox case. which was one of the most high-profile cases there. so it's hard to make sense of it all. >> and also, because now, as you pointed out, that now they're going after amanda knox again. right? she's been convicted of murder for the victim being meredith kimper. >> serving a life sentence. >> that's right. 26 years. now they're saying, you know what, you also said things that weren't true about us, the police department. >> they're going after her for slander. >> now, look, regardless of what you think about the murder case, this starts to feel vindictive, in my mind. once the victim is the police department, and she's been convicted, it's a bit odd. to now be going after her for that. if she had been acquitted and they say, we need to convict her on something, because we are convinced that this is someone who is getting away with it, that's one thing. but in a case where she's
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already been convicted of murder. to go after her and investigate her parents as well -- to me seems like real overkill. >> a bit odd. but overall, would this have any impact on the 26-year life sentence? >> again, i think it's unlikely. i think that they're going to have to look at the first issues you were discussing. which is, the way this case went. meaning, were there irregularities in this case, in the way it went forward. if they can make an argument that that was the case, then i think that they have a real shot on appeal. the advantage for amanda knox in the appellate system in italy is effectively they can revisit the case. meaning here, they would have to just say did the judge make mistakes? if not, we're not going it revisit the jury's verdict. there, they can say we'll revisit the evidence and take another look at it. >> meanwhile, congratulations on another website you're launching today. >> geeko for tech fans. >> you're developing a monopoly. dan abrams, thanks. coming up, avoiding the salt
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i already have. it works or it's free. get back on track now with the activia challenge. ♪ activia this morning on "today's consumer" the best cell phones, whether you want to surf the web or make old-fashioned telephone calls there are a dizzying number of choices and a lot of
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things to consider before choosing your next mobile device. we've got "consumer reports" has rated the cell phones on the market today and its electronics editor, paul is now joining us with information about the cream of the crop. good morning, paul. so listen, even with the recession, the sales of smartphones is rising. is this because of all the bells and whistles? what explains this? they're not cheap. >> right, advanced features, when we survey people who are buying cell phones among our readers, advanced features led the way in terms of what people want. and the smartphones are the ones that allow you to do all of the things pretty much that you can do on a computer in your pocket. as well as other things like the additional apps that allow you to turn your smartphone into just about anything so they're the phones of choice if you really want to be able to do your office email, to surf the web, with the really good web browser. >> and gpss now. they're actually applications where you can monitor your calorie intake. it's crazy what they're
9:17 am
offering. the question is, when you see all of that, you get all excited about the possibilities. you say stop for a second and stake a look at what you really need. because you're going to spend a lot more money for that. >> one of the things you need to keep in mind is when you get one of these sophisticated phones. the more sophisticated the phone in general, the more it's going to cost you in service. and more and more now, the manufacturers, if the phone has the capability for things like 3-g, which is fast access to the web, they're going it make you get a data plan. even if you don't, use web surfing very much or use your email. so be careful about the cost, the long-term costs is probably more important. the monthly costs, than the purchase price of these phones. >> let's break it down, talk about the specific kinds of phones. there's the standard phone and your magazine took a look at the best standard phones. and you basically rated a couple of them as being really in the top category. i think we have them here on the table. >> the lg touch. >> both of these phones are
9:18 am
examples of how standard phones are getting more sophisticated. >> the other is a samsung instinct. >> yes. and more and more of these are getting keyboards. because people are using texting a lot more. so you're getting full keyboards, even on so-called conventional phones. so these are both examples of these. both good performers. and you can see, they both have one has two screens to it. you open up and do a texting screen. you have a screen on the outside for your basic navigation. so these are good choices if you do a lot of texting. if you want to combination of voice calls and texting. and you want a generally a lower-service cost and a lower purchase price than you'll get with say the smartphones. >> let's take a look at the smartphonance, because it's hard not to look at them. we've got the iphone of course and this new little guy, the google. >> this is the nexus one, the google phone. both of these did very well in our ratings. this has the biggest screen that we've seen on a phone.
9:19 am
and it has great, great navigation. it also allows you to dictate. so for example, you can send a text message by speaking to it and it will turn that into text. and send it out. as a message. >> really? that's pretty remarkable. is it fast, is it accurate? >> it's pretty fast, fairly accurate. >> this of course is the iphone 3-gs. one of the original phones that really turned the phone into a very versatile device and still, a very high performer. a great display. a lot of great features. and has the most apps, still, all of those tens of thousands of apps, it's growing for things like the nexus one. but it's really the iphone still has the most. >> also on your list of good smartphones you've got the samsung moment, the motorola droid and the volt. and you're concerned about the quality of the telephone call using the smartphones. is that a problem with the phone or maybe a problem with the service? >> it's a combination of both. certainly voice quality is one
9:20 am
thing. we've seen a lot of things improve in cell phones over the years. voice quality is pretty much stayed much the same. >> the dropout seems to be increasing. >> dropouts in some of these services, certainly there are differences in carriers in our ratings. and we got satisfaction ratings from users. and there's a real range. with some companies, more satisfactory for a lot of different kinds of service than others. >> you have that in your magazine. >> have it in the magazine and on the website. >> we want to move onto the prepaid category. this is a rising category. basically so that you don't have to have the monthly plans which a lot of people are worried about. they don't like it get stuck in a monthly plan. in this case -- lou does it exactly work? you buy the phone and you pay for it as you go? >> you buy the phone, you can buy these phones at walmart or k-mart or best buy. you have no contractual obligation and you can get two kinds of service. you can either pay as you go, by the minute. or you can get an unlimited plan, which is not that much different than say a basic plan
9:21 am
with a contract carrier. you just don't have a contract. you're not bound to it. you can cancel any time. >> is this the best thing for your money, if you don't need all the applications. >> if you're just making voice calls, this is a great thing to do. particularly if you don't make a lot of voice calls. such that it's worth $40 or so a month. for your service. you'll save kwiquite a lot of i you use these. >> the lg rumor and nokia 2610 are the options that you like, the top options you like for that. and the samsung. >> and this is a motorola and the samsung as well. >> paul reynolds, thank you so much for making it all clear. coming up next, we'll find what the latest inductee to the joy fit club looked like after going from tipping the scales at more than 400 pounds to dropping a whopping 216 pounds. but first, these messages.
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coming up on "today," help for relationships on a rocky
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. anne arundel county police officer accused of sexting an underage girl will appear in court this morning. james cifala is scheduled for a detention hearing in court. he was arrested last week after it was learned he allegedly sent sexually explicit text messages to a 16-year-old girl, a crime that could send him to prison from and work of -- from anywhere from five to 20 years. no word on what caused a home in anne arundel county to go up in flames, claiming the lives of one person. it was on the 800 block of
9:27 am
bayview drive in edgewater. the name of the victim was not released. investigators say the fire started on the second floor of the home but it is unclear why. as legislators meet for week two of the general assembly, they will have marching orders from the governor o'malley. for most on the agenda, a $3,000 tax credit for businesses for every unemployed worker that they hire, which they hope will take 5700 people off the unemployment rolls, as well as a rate relief for employers facing high unemployment taxes, tax credit for consumers to buy electric vehicles, and mandatory life time provision for convicted sex offenders. the governor will elaborate on these proposals in next tuesday's state of the state address. now here's the forecast with tony pann. >> the rain will stay with us off and on the to the early afternoon hours. winds will continue to cost between 30 and 40 miles per
9:28 am
hour. high to progress this money in the upper 50s to around 60. temperatures will drop off later this afternoon. the evening commute will be better than the morning commute. high of 42 tomorrow. could be some snow at the end of the week. >> we will see you back here at 9:55.
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♪ ♪ you're listening to grammy winner, corinne bailey ray. her style has been called neosoul. but her voice defies categories and she's earned millions of fans. she's out with a new album and will be here to sing it for us live in studio tomorrow on "today." meanwhile coming up in this half hour, we'll stalk about the trouble with salt, ladies, because the average american takes in about 1,000 more milligrams or a third more salt than it recommended rfr i day and it can lead to serious
9:31 am
problems, including problems with your heart. we'll show you where it's hiding, in the salt, and some of your favorite meals at popular restaurants. >> the plate full of fries is full of salt. >> do you think, can you guess which of these meals equals to the same amount of sodium as 12 1/2 large orders of mcdonald's fries? isn't that something? >> that's disgusting. imagine how bloated you'd be. all the water you would retain. also ahead, can your marriage be saved? this morning we reported on the latest revelation enters the tiger woods scandal. but whether your marriage is perhaps rocked by infidelity or you're starting to feel the pressure of family responsibilities driving you apart, our experts has answers to your questions, coming up. and hoda is off this morning, so kathie lee has called in another big star to help her this morning, we're talking about tony and emmy winner, kristen chenowith who is known for her broadway turns and
9:32 am
as well as stints on "american idol," we'll meet her in a few moments. but first, al is off and stephanie abrams is here. for a check of the weather, the the weather channel's stephanie abrams is going to tell us all about it. hey, you. rainy here in the northeast and in the west as well. it's going to stay like this through the day today. and through the midwest, the colder air is producing some snow. how about as we head into the day tomorrow, where does all of this move? does it move is the big question. >> good morning, everyone. it is going to be windy and mild morning. wind gusts close to 40 miles per hour to temperatures in upper
9:33 am
and ann, i don't want to keep all of my secrets just between us. i want to let everyone know, temperatures are dropping 20 degrees in new york by the end of the week. >> it will be wet, but slightly warm and then it will get colder. >> yes. >> winter returns. >> bundle up, make soup, that's the advice. >> with just a little salt. coming up, before we get to salt, we'll talk about strategies for saving your marriage. in fact dr. gail saltz will be answering your questions right after this. it's monday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals.
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is made with fresh egg noodles. 32 feet in every can. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good ♪ mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. this morning on "today's relationships" can your marriage be saved? everything from kids, finances and extra marital affairs can
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put almost unbearable pressure on a marriage. but there are ways to rescue your relationship and regain love and support you remember. psychiatrist, gail saltz is a "today" contributor and relationship expert. good morning to you. >> good morning, natalie. >> we're going to help some people here with practical advice coming up in a little bit. first, let's talk about the latest revelations as we've learned and the "dailybeast" is reporting what happened the night before the car accident that tiger woods had back in november. apparently elin had had a phone conversation with rachel uchitel and tiger woods orchestrated the phone conversation. does it sound a lot like cya on his part? >> it sure does. and honestly, this is often what happens. that men particularly are thinking, with their wallets, this is partially a business situation here. they're thinking with their nether regions. and if they were thinking with their minds about the fallout, you know, he would never have done that. but he would never have done a lot of things. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> and the other thing is that
9:38 am
apparently elin then, was able to access his phone after he went to sleep. and saw some text messages where he apparently professed his love. said, you're the only one i've ever loved. to rachel uchitel. so this went beyond a sexual affair. this was a love affair. how is that different in a case where a man cheats? >> for most women, it is -- it's the betrayal of the heart that is much more substantial than the sexual relationship. so the idea of repairing, when you feel that your spouse has actually loved, fallen in love with someone else -- that's a much harder road to come back from. and i would say frankly, that unfortunately their odds are really low. i mean, they may stay together for the business aspect of this relationship. or she may choose for the kids to stay together. but the repair of the marriage after such a long period of time and this kind of a deep betrayal with many, many people and a
9:39 am
public him ill yaumiliation, i this marriage doesn't look likely for repair. >> let's get to some viewer questions that we have. and first coming to us an email question from kb in wisconsin, having to do with a spouse who strayed. she writes -- >> it's only been a year. >> yeah. no surprise, a year is a very small amount of time. but i would say the probably what's happening is she's probably torturing him because she feels tortured inside. so she's not really forgiving him. so he gets daily pounded over the head. and she and the cycle continues where he does things it try to get out of the control.
9:40 am
and it makes it all worse. so she needs to be forgiving. but not forgetting. and the way to do that is they both sit down and make a list of what would make them each more comfortable. and he has to be willing to give over on the transparency. so you know, if you're going to cheat, you better be very transparent after that. meaning she comes along with other dates or he tells where he is. and she needs to make a list of what would make her comfortable. and if he can comply with that list, they can move on. >> they have work to do together, clearly. next, a skype question from brady in madison, wisconsin. brady, are you with us? >> yes, i am. >> go ahead, ask your question to gail. >> gail, i'm 32, i've been married for three years and we have a 16-month-old son. i go to school full time online and i work part-time outside of our home. so i'm at home with our child more than he is. he does most of the cooking, but it seems like he gets to go out more and gets to do stuff outside the home more than i do and it turns into a big fight and it keeps recurring.
9:41 am
how do i get us to stop fighting over this and get him to understand i need to get outside the home, too? >> right. that's a common problem. >> this is a common problem. and when you have young children, it can be the most stressful part of the marriage for just these kinds of reasons. what's really important, brady, is you want to have him spend more time with his son. not just because you get out from under and get some more fun time. but because he needs that father-son bond. but if you always cap it late by saying, he wants me, i'm going to take him, which is what happens, the husband gives up. he sort of moves away. he goes fishing. he does what he wants to do. so you have to basically say -- we're going to work on this together as a plan. you're going to spend more time with your son. and even if he's complaining, he's going to be with you. so you need to disappear a little. do some fun things. say, this is the father-son time. and to, you know, go on some dates together. as well. to, because you can't count on your spouse to give you happiness. you have to seek those
9:42 am
happinesses yourself. >> and finally, i think we have time for one more email question. this one has to do with finances. and our viewer writes, we live in an affluent town with two kids and i make all of the money. we live paycheck to paycheck -- >> this is a hugely common problem right now. because people are trying to live above their means. getting a second job is just going to make you scrape by a little bit more and put that much stress on the marriage. honestly i know this sounds kind of harsh, but moving is less traumatic than divorce. for everybody. so if you lived, if you moved to an area frankly that was not so affluent, where you could make it on what you're doing and less pressure to be like the joness, it would change things dramatically. you cannot turn to your spouse to say -- you do it all and make it all work. you just going to amp up the
9:43 am
stress between you. so it's really time to decide to scale it back so that you can actually -- >> what's best for the family. >> and the male-female roles here, when the wife makes more, which is also common right now can be a big problem. so look for ways that he can feel more masculine in the relationship and both of you will actually benefit from that. >> gail saltz, great advice as always, thanks so much. coming up next, cutting down on salt. not the saltz, but the salt in your diet. which of these meals is the same as eating 42 strips of bacon? we'll tell you right after this. of your world and hungry e and the online tools to help you face any situation. which means 'darn right you can go to the dinner party' and still loose weight. and learn how to keep it off. join for free now. sorry hungry, you're not invited. but you are, join for free today and change your life. weight watchers. stop dieting. start living. but you are, join for free today and change your life. ♪
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9:47 am
there's a good chance that dangerous levels of sodium are hiding in some of your favorite meals and excessive salt intake can be bad to your health, contributing to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. so what do you do when salt strikes? we've got david, the author of the popular "eat this not that" series and he joins us now. >> good to see you, ann. >> you're always trying to take the fun out of things, david. but the reality is this is serious business. >> we should get about 2400 milligrams of salt a day. in some cases it's easy to get 12,000, as we'll show here. a healthy diet is all about balance. but these days, if y don't know what's in the food you're eating, you end up with a diet that's about as balanced as the cast of "jersey shore." so you need a guide book. >> you had to go there. 2400 is actually at the top end. you think that people should have less in their life. >> ideally it would be 1500. >> that's how much out of sync we are. >> yes. >> you've gone to denny's and
9:48 am
made an order here of something you say is a salt attack. >> this is another morning in the salt mines here at denny's. it's a meatlovers scramble. it should be renamed the meet your maker. this thing has 3200 milligrams of sodium and 1100 calories. to put it into perspective, that's like sodium equivalent of 11 small bags of potato chips. it would be like eating this whole bowl. >> and you say instead have this? what's the difference here? >> it's a great difference. you're at denny's, you get the ultimate omelette. it has salsa in it which is a great salt alternative. you're saving 2500 milligrams of sodium. and it's only 670 calories. >> the take-away is using spices rather than salt to make the food really good. because the salsa is really flavor, but you don't need the salt as a result. >> not at all. >> let's move to chili's. i would order this, i'd be worried about the breading on top of the salad. but i would think a salad with
9:49 am
chicken would make a good idea. >> this shouldn't even be called a salad. this thing right here has 4400 -- >> you're tough. >> it has 4400 milligrams of sodium. it's the sodium -- and 1100 calories. the sodium equivalent of having 12 large orders of french fries. >> i can have all of this instead? wow! >> no, that's just -- >> that's just to put it into perspective. with salads like that who even needs dessert or appetizers. >> the crazy thing is you've picked something with a caesar's dressing. >> i would say no caesar's dressing -- >> when you go to chili's, you've got to get the side caesar. anything with "side" will keep you low on calories. this is 550 milligrams of salt. which is a caesar worth hailing. >> now we've gone to blimpie's, this is a turkey and bacon, 12-inch super-stack. >> too big. >> it's a turkey terror, this thing has 5200 milligrams of
9:50 am
sodium. >> is it from the turkey? >> it's all the deli meats have to be preserved. they use a lot of salt in this case, an abundance of salt. which gives it that. so it'sed sodium equivalent of nine cups of chex mix. >> you like these visual comparisons. >> it drives the point home. >> when you go to blimpie, if you get something like the six-inch tuna, what's going to happen is you're only going to have 776 milligrams of sodium. so you'll end up saving 4500 milligrams of sodium, two days' worth. >> you've gone to on the border. >> yeah. >> this is the saltiest appetizer. this is the firecracker stuffed jalapenos. this is only appetizing if you're a pharmaceutical company. this has 6500 milligrams of sodium. 6500. so it's three days. and you haven't even moved -- >> three days worth of salt. >> yes and you haven't moved to your entree yet.
9:51 am
it's so baffling to get the same amount of salt, you would have to have 650 pringles. >> my lord. >> that's what you would have to eat to get that appetizer. and it has 2,000 calories. so you get a day's worth of calories and it's just an appetiz appetizer. >> get the chips and salsa if you go to on the border. salsa is really a very solid condiment because the fresh tomatoes provide taste and nutrition. >> okay, now you've saved the best or not, maybe the best for last. pf change's a double hand-fried noodles with pork. that looks like it should have a lot of salt. >> china should stop fighting with google and go after pf change chang's for the salt. this has 7900 milligrams of sodium. >> that's enough for a week. >> it's crazy. why? it doesn't need to be like this. it's 42 strips of bacon. that's the salt equivalent. if you have something like this. i mean, just take it outside and
9:52 am
spread it on the sidewalk to melt the ice. don't eat it. i mean it's kind of crazy. so -- >> instead, this is the good alternative. >> the salmon steamed with ginger. what's cool about this, ginger aids in digestion and it's a nice, flavorful option that's going to save you 7,000 milligrams of sodium. >> in all of the cases, what i notice the simpler the food, the better. the more complicated, mixed-up things with stuff in it, that's where you get into trouble. david ziczenko. thanks so much. this is "today" on nbc. i calculate my own payroll. it works... pretty well. right, guys? announcer: there's an easier way. do your payroll with intuit online payroll. just enter employee hours.
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it calculates all the taxes and creates paychecks. get a 30-day free trial at
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lucky us to be sitting on the couch next to the blonde babes, kathie lee gifford and kristen chenowith. >> our joy fit person lost 216
9:55 am
pounds. >> two of me. >> three, almost. and barry manilow. oh, my gosh, he's back so we've got a great hour. >> can't wait to see you. >> welcome. >> have fun. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson. baltimore city police have arrested three men for the murder of a maryland marine. police say about 4:00 saturday morning, michael wiggins, the key word, and vernon hadley went to a party in baltimore, and after there were asked to leave, they returned and sta
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> things are going to settle down as we head into this afternoon. arraigned until that time. winslet cost over 30 -- winds will gust over 30 miles per hour. temperatures will fall into the
9:58 am
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